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Best of New York Food 2004

Best Sidewalk Dining

  • N.Y. Dosas

    West 4th Street, near Sullivan Street, 917-710-2092

    At the edge of Washington Square Park, an assortment of NYU students, South Asian expats, and downtown hipsters crowd around Thiru Kumarís food cart waiting for their daily dosa, the vegetarian crÍpe from South India. The grinning, thickly mustached Kumar works his small grill like a hyperactive D.J., pouring batter, spreading on curried potatoes, and sprinkling a crunchy dice of carrots and peppers (the Pondicherry masala dosa, $5). When the batter is cooked through, Kumar folds it with an artistís flair, effortlessly lifting the ethereally thin lentil-and-rice-flour wrapper from the grill, then chops it into sections and serves it with a gingery coconut chutney and a small tub of spicy lentil soup. The result: a delicious, ultrahealthy meal-on-the-street thatís well worth the wait. .

From the 2004 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine