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Best of New York Food 2004

Best Sushi

  • Tomoe Sushi

    172 Thompson Street, 212-777-9346

    "Waiting in line is a humbling experience, because you know that once the maginificent sushi /sashimi plates arrive on your table, you will be tasting some of the freshest fish in the city. So while you wait, just imagine that you are waiting for the ships to come in with today's catch, and that you're the lucky one to be there to taste!"
    —bambola, West Village.

    "It is an 11 out of 10. The best value in sushi—it is well worth the wait. If you think Haru, Japonica, or Hatsuhana are even close, don't waste your time on line. You just don't get it."
    —ddavis1982, Upper East Side.

  • Honmura An

    170 Mercer Street, 212-334-5253

    "Ask New Yorkers Where can you find the best sushi? and the answers are predictable: Nobu, Nextdoor Nobu, Japonica, Sushi Den. But, Honmura An trumps them all with high quality sushi, a beautiful, authentic Japanese decor, knowledgeable service and lovingly created fresh soba. Don't miss the chef's choice menu, as it showcases all that is good about this SoHo secret."
    —CityPixie, Chelsea

  • Blue Ribbon Sushi

    119 Sullivan Street, 212-343-0404

    "Every time I go, I get excellent service and sushi. Not only does it have this element of being downtown cool but the quality is so top notch. Everything is so fresh and so amazing—unique rolls and sashimi that melts in your mouth. A bit pricey but well worth it. It is the best!"
    —adriana, NYC

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