Best Kid Friendly (But Not Kiddie)
194 Elizabeth Street

No, there aren’t any high chairs, and a kiddie menu is not available. In fact, you won’t even see a lot of kids, since the clientele tends more to the single, still-living-with-a-roommate variety. And yet there is something about the gentle attitude of the staff, the cavernous space with its high ceiling, and the crackling crust and gooily great flavor of the pizza margherita that makes bringing a child to Peasant just the right thing to do. And while it’s doubtful that osso buco con faro or seppiolini in terra cotta (cuttlefish) are the kinds of dishes your kid craves—though they should be two of yours—owner-chef Frank DeCarlo will do and make whatever is necessary for your offspring to be happy. The result: We have a niece who ranks the place up there with Disney World and the Four Seasons in Hawaii. And it’s only a taxi ride away.