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Best Goody-Bag Filler
50 Greenwich Avenue

78A Seventh Avenue
At 15th Street

Long before he opened his own store in the Village, he was known as Shmuzie Tah-poozie, a kibbutznik who picked oranges all day. Now the tables are turned and Shmuel Kerhaus has the rest of us picking things from his goodies store, Tah-poozie (Hebrew for orangey). Baskets and baskets of really fun, really tiny, cheap tchotchkes line the shelves of this really teeny store. Last week, one Chelsea mom bought sixteen fish water toys as favors for her 5-year-oldís tropical-themed birthday party. Parents who shop at Tah-poozie are sucking upparachute aliens (68 cents), glow-in-the-dark suction balls ($1.98), silver capsules with paper inside for a secret message ($1.28), bubbles that donít pop when you touch them ($1.98), and rainbow peepholes (48 cents). We liked the more pricey Pocket Spells, a small matchbox containing botanical seeds, rocks, oils, mood candles, and that all-important incantation chart, good for Harry Potter parties ($5.98).