Family & Leisure

Best Museum
Staten Island Children’s Museum
1000 Richmond Terrace, Snug Harbor

Undiscovered by the parental masses, the Staten Island Children’s Museum is secreted at Snug Harbor, the Island’s cultural center, where parking is abundant and the duck pond is active. There’s something going on there every day, yet it’s rarely crowded. On the second floor, the Walk-in Workshop offers daily classes for kids. A favorite is Friday’s “Cooking Up Science.” The first-floor Wonder Water exhibit explains everything there is to know about the wet stuff. Portia’s Playhouse is a miniature theater where kids can try on costumes, put on makeup, check out sound effects, and stage an impromptu performance. At the Big Adventure, daring youngsters can climb a rock wall, crawl through dark tunnels, fly an airplane, and pretend to be a superhero leaping from building to building. Toddlers like Block Harbor on the lower level, with its pirate ship and gigantic collection of blocks and animal toys. Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. is Tots Time Plus, where preschoolers create artwork, hear a story, and visit an exhibit. It’s a 40-minute drive from Manhattan, or take the S40 bus to Snug Harbor from the Staten Island side of the ferry. Admission is $4; kids under 2 are free.