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Snob appeal: The cloistered Bungalow 8.

Best Bottle Service
Bungalow 8
515 West 27th Street

There are plenty of places to blow $100 or so on a $25 bottle of Absolut Mandarin -- but if it's the highest tier of upscale pretension that you're aspiring to, look no farther than Bungalow 8. The tiny lounge, with its snobbish door policy, potted palm trees, and PVC-happy celeb stalkers, is way too South Beach to actually exist in South Beach. Among the perks: $30 glasses of champagne (Two, please) and $1,200 orders of Tsar Imperial Osetra caviar (Two, please). The music may leave something to be desired (Hey, can you play that Pink song just one more time, please?), but you're not here to bone up on experimental house records; you're coming here to impress somebody. And you'll impress us if you manage to get past the doorman.

Photograph courtesy of Bungalow 8.

Celebrity Pick
Star Jones, co-host of The View
"I can be loud with my friends, dance until dawn, drink Dom Pérignon all night, and still not read about it in the newspaper the next day."
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