Best Gay Dance Club
Splash Bar New York
50 West 17th Street

The notorious Chelsea nightclub Splash has never had a problem reeling in customers. Its heady mix of muscle-baring bartenders, disco drama, and frighteningly overendowed go-go boys has long made it a must-see for tourists (as well as crafty Chelsea locals who say they're tourists so you'll have a strings-free one-night stand with them). Recently, the club underwent a drastic renovation (tripling the size of the dance floor and at least doubling the amount of smoke gushing through it at any given moment) and changed its name to Splash Bar New York. Perhaps the most noticeable difference between old and new, now that the space has been opened up: Patrons can ogle every other customer from anywhere in the bar. There's no place to hide, but if you find yourself being stalked by a creepy admirer, remember: The smoke machine is your friend.