Best Rock Venue
261 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn

Promoters Chris Newmyer and Steve Weitzman know a successful nightclub is all about great programming. That's why their former employer, Tramps (which drew the likes of Prince, Bob Dylan, and OutKast to its stage), became such an integral part of the city's music scene. And it's why their newest club, Warsaw, in the unlikely locale of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is destined to do the same. Since the fall, Warsaw (located in an equally unlikely space occupied by the Polish National Home) has played host to outré newcomers (Le Tigre, the New Pornographers) as well as still-relevant favorites (Patti Smith). It's a discerning balance that most clubs -- with their unsubstantial underground acts or museum-worthy oldies bands -- fail to achieve. Best of all, Warsaw's high ceilings, good sight lines, and clear sound make the venue one of the city's premier nightlife destinations -- in any borough.