Best French
60 East 65th Street

"Incredible wine list, great classic French dishes by a talented chef. Best, you feel as if you are you-know-where."

"Nothing else comes close to the chef's tasting menu."

Jean Georges, 1 Central Park West, 212-299-3900
"What more is there to say? It's Jean Georges!"

Le Cirque 2000, 455 Madison Avenue, 212-303-7788
"This is the place to go for good food and excitement. It will impress anyone."

Chanterelle, 2 Harrison Street, 212-966-6960
"The owner or the chef always checks up on you."

Chez Oskar, 211 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-852-6250
"Not all the great restaurants have to be in Manhattan. Try the good stuff across the river in Brooklyn too!"

D'Artagnan, 152 East 46th Street, 212-687-0300
"This place was a wonderful treat that a native Frenchman introduced a group of us to one evening. Having met the owner, seeing and feeling the atmosphere, it was almost as if you were in a small town and getting really for a great meal."

Felix, 340 West Broadway, 212-431-0021
"Noisy, yes; smoky, yes... but perhaps the most authentic bistro cuisine to be found in NYC, and a great high-energy brunch to boot!"

La Caravelle, 33 West 55th Street, 212-586-4252
"Beautiful, traditional, old New York, and not trendy (thank goodness)!"

La Goulue, 746 Madison Avenue, 212-988-8169
"We visit this restaurant every time we're in New York — never disappointed. Makes us feel like we're back in gay old Paree! "

La Mangeoire, 1008 Second Avenue, 212-759-7086
"The prices fit my budget as a young adult in New York. I love to go there for a night out with my friends as well as a romantic evening with my boyfriend. "

Picholine, 35 West 64th Street, 212-724-8585
"It's impossible not to honor Terrance Brennan's marvelous Mediterranean/French restaurant for its impeccable service, knowledgeable staff, and just simply incredible food. And that cheese! Yum."

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