Custom closets: Carolyn Musher of California Closets is prompt and personable.


Best Custom Closets
California Closets
1625 York Avenue, near 86th Street

There are a dozen custom-closet companies. Each will do an on-site, fee-free consultation; most use the same materials; and prices vary minimally, so ultimately it's your comfort with the designer that matters. We went with the prompt and personable Carolyn Musher of California Closets. Not only did she design several options for our small space (the others gave only one), but she quickly assessed our space-hogging habits ("I can get you much more room if you can take shoes out of their boxes") and was the only one who brought to-scale laminated photographs of each component (shelves, cubbies, double-hanging areas) that showed what the finished job would look like. Minimum order: $500.

The Container Store

GREAT DEAL: The Container Store offers do-it-yourself kits available for standard closet spaces on its Website; the kits run about half of what a custom closet would.

Photograph Courtesy of California Closets.