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Best of New York Services 2004

Best Housecleaning

  • White Glove Elite


    What distinguishes White Glove Elite from any cleaning service? First and foremost, the staff. “We match up clients with cleaners,” says owner Jim Ireland. “Some people are good scrubbers; others are more detail-oriented.’’ It’s a system that has worked for Robert Redford, Michael Douglas, and Spike and Tonya Lee. (Ms. Lee reports that “they never forget the baseboards, windowpanes, and corners, which a lot of other people gloss over.” One New York editor actually walked in on a White Glove guy as he was cleaning the tops of her doors.) Ireland says he motivates his staff with a substantially larger chunk of the fee than most firms do. He’s also an actor—with the inevitable Law & Order credits to prove it—and often hires others of his ilk. Thus staff members will occasionally quit abruptly upon getting a TV deal. But at least you’ll get a great cocktail-party story if that happens: “That guy on CSI? Used to clean my tub!”

From the 2004 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine