Best Florists

Wild Poppy
265 East 78th Street

Elizabeth Ryan
411 East 9th Street

There are florists who have higher profiles, who have more impressive shops, and who service bigger names, but for sheer creativity, freshness, warm service, and value, we’d be hard-pressed to choose between Andrea Nordloh’s Wild Poppy and Elizabeth Ryan. Both stores, relative newcomers, are charming jewel boxes, with riots of color everywhere. And both are flexible and eager to please, so minimums ($45 and $40, respectively) and delivery fees (starting at $10 for both) are reasonable. From Nordloh, count on simply enchanting arrangements, highlighted by unexpected combinations of flowers (even things like mint and interesting berries), to create any desired look, from the formal to the fanciful. Ryan celebrates the splendor of flowers with equally unexpected, radiant color combinations in unusual vessels (Japanese teacups, pencil holders), and she’ll even embellish the presentation with a modest accompanying gift from her Zenlike shop next door.