Best Fruit Basket
The Orchard
1367 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn

Nothing says I love you like a nice fruit basket. (Except maybe a diamond bracelet, or a trip to Paris, but never mind.) Of course, it has to be the right fruit basket. Getting a crinkly cellophane time bomb loaded with waxy, fake-looking apples, fibrously dry oranges, and those annoying miniature jelly jars is about as welcome as hate mail. Place an order with the Orchard (we recommend the “Gourmet,” which comes in a wicker basket and includes a bottle of California white wine and Godiva chocolates) and you can rest assured that your recipient will be thanking you all week long as he or she feasts on a gorgeous assortment of ultrafresh fruits. No matter the time of year, we’ve never encountered a mealy piece of fruit here. That’s because the Orchard picks up their fruit—mangos from Haiti, Hawaiian pineapples—at the airport each day. They’ll deliver anywhere in Manhattan with a day’s notice. Baskets start at $50. Platters of cut fruit start at $62.