Best Personal Shopper
Visual Therapy
24 West 57th Street, suite 502

Do you ever look at those perfectly accessorized women who always seem to be wearing this month’s fashion and feel you could never look so put-together on a regular basis? Jesse Garza, Lani Rosenstock, and Joe Lupo, who make up Visual Therapy, will help you achieve an updated, refined version of your own personal style. They will interview you about your lifestyle, then organize your closets like a retail store -- the black-cardigan section, the pleated-skirt section...Then they mercilessly force you to part with those tired, outdated, or unflattering pieces that simply take up space. Finally, it’s time to hit the stores, where they pick out things you would never see, like a Prada-esque suit on sale for $150, or a top that, combined with your old black pants, will make a very current, chic little outfit. The fee is $250 an hour or 20 percent of the clothing’s retail price, whichever is greater. For $75 per hour, Cross It Off Your List (404 Park Ave. South; 212-725-0122) will take care of your more utilitarian shopping, like buying all the necessities for a new apartment, setting up your beach house for the summer, and buying gifts for everyone on your Christmas list.