Best Wedding Planner
Marcy Blum Associates
251 East 51st Street

Unlike some wedding planners —- those commandos in headsets who seem to think that it’s their day, dispatching Grandma to her seat so they can cue the music for an over-the-top production in which the happy couple is a mere bit player -- Marcy Blum keeps her role in perspective. “I know that what I do is not the cure for leukemia,” she says. Blum has organized weddings for Tom Clancy, two Rockefeller brides, and Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, among others. Her attention is always focused on the “gestalt” of the event: making sure it flows, that the mood is upbeat and surprising, and that lines aren’t forming at the coat check. Not that she can’t do elaborate; Blum once created a virtual New York in the Puck Building (complete with Chinatown, Central Park, and Harlem). Her fee starts at $30,000. Recession special: Blum’s new day-of service, which lets the bride relax while someone else runs the rehearsal and figures out how to get the presents home, starts at $1,000.