Best Window Cleaning
Frank’s Window Cleaning Co.

Every schoolboy knows you can spot most superheros simply by looking up. Catch someone on the side of a building and chances are he’s no ordinary man. That’s what makes us so suspicious of Frank’s Window Cleaning, whose workers we spot high above Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue every day. They show all the obvious signs: the fearlessness, the thirst for danger, the business name so mundane it could only be a front for something else. Richard Kulzer, Frank’s son and the company’s owner, has this uncanny knack for finding the strongest, most honest, most compelling window-cleaners in the city -- including, at times, Mohawk Indians, Italian alpsmen, Senegalese farmers. And we can’t help thinking that there’s something beyond the $6.50–$7 per-window charge, the month-long training period for new employees, and the 72 years of family service that makes the company a favorite among high-end supers. The pulleys and belts have you thrown? Hell, even Spiderman and Batman needed fancy equipment.