Best Wine Delivery
23 Jones Street

It’s hard to believe at first that Jeff Hock runs a Website for a living -- he’s just too darn personable to be spending the majority of his day as the silent force behind some Web page. Then you learn that the site is about selling wine, and it all makes sense. is an efficiently designed site offering 60 wines ($8–$40) to be delivered anywhere under 125th Street in Manhattan within 90 minutes. “People are overwhelmed with wines,” says Hock. “I’ve weeded out 60 that I think are the best to drink right now.” And for you Webphobic Luddites (or anyone who refuses to use the Internet ever since buying all that stock): Don’t worry. Hock keeps a small, bare-bones retail shop, where there’s usually a bottle uncorked and ready for anyone with a little time to kill.