Best Sexy Lingerie
La Petite Coquette
51 University Place

Walking into La Petite Coquette, you'll wonder if you got lost down a side street in Paris. More of a boudoir than a boutique, this store has been selling the sexiest lingerie in the city for more than twenty years. With its spilt-wine-colored carpets, gilded ceilings, and pink velvet chaises, La Petite Coquette's decor is almost as seductive as its merchandise. Almost. Styles range from Pretty Baby silks to Dangerous Liaisons corsets and garters and include an absolutely unique collection of balconet bras designed under its house label. Truly outrageous pieces include an Andre Sarda bra-and-thong set of sheer netting with chartreuse spider-web embroidery, and a Marvel set with butterfly cups in candy colors.