Best Cookware
Broadway Panhandler
65 E. 8th Street

In the event that you've decided to stop just cooking and start cooking passionately, there are an endless number of things you'll covet — from the toque with matching whites to all those obscure appliances and utensils. Luckily for you, there's Broadway Panhandler. This one-stop shop for chefs carries all of the above and more. You can't go wrong with their selection of brands like All-Clad (a stainless-steel nine-piece set will set you back $509.95), Le Creuset, and Krups — not to mention all the cute accessories you never knew you needed until now.

2245 Broadway, at 80th Street

GREAT DEAL: If you're more interested in spending your money eating at Daniel than in emulating his kitchen, there's still no need for shoddy pots. Zabar's cookware is affordable (even after you've indulged in a few tubs of caviar) — the shop carries over fifteen brands, and an All-Clad set similar to the one above runs just $435. Of course, no one's saying you have to go top-tier; an Innova ten-piece is just $180.