Pajama game: Stylish sleepwear at Turnbull & Asser.


Best Pajamas
Turnbull & Asser
42 East 57th Street

Many men think they're dressing to impress a crowd. But a real dandy dresses for a select audience: himself and a few intimates. Want proof? Look no further than a fine pair of cotton pajamas. Some men yearn for Pratesi-like thread counts in their nightclothes, but true sybarites focus on appearance. Made from the company's signature brightly colored plaids and stripes, Turnbull & Asser pajamas ($325) are so loud they just might wake you up at night. Throw on a cotton robe ($375) from the same fabrics in complementary — or clashing! — colors, and you've got the sweetest sleepwear around.

Brooks Brothers
346 Madison Avenue, at 44th Street
666 Fifth Avenue, at 53rd Street

GREAT DEAL: If your tastes and budget are more subdued, try the classic offerings from Brooks Brothers ($60 for solids; $70 for stripes). Either way, you'll look great in bed. Who cares that the world won't see you?

Photograph by Robert Wright.