Best Sandals
Jutta Neumann
158 Allen Street

Now that winter is moving on, it's time to put the knee socks and stiletto boots back in the wardrobe and give your feet some breathing room. Take yourself directly to Jutta Neumann on the Lower East Side. Though it's worlds away from Madison Avenue, you couldn't ask for a more perfect fit or better quality; every sandal is custom-made by hand. The most recent collection takes spring's bohemian trend one step further, with a leather thong (Judy; $180) that laces round and round your ankle in that chic neoclassical way. You can also choose from a variety of beads that slip on the leather laces to complement your personal style.

280 Mott Street

GREAT DEAL: If you're more of a budget bohemian, run over to Calypso and grab a pair of brightly colored leather flip-flops ($30). At that price, they'll allow you to show off those weekly pedicures and get the new peasant top you've been eyeing.