Best Sofa Beds
Carlyle Sofa
Multiple locations

Cramped spaces are the curse of living in New York; everyone wants to come visit — never mind if you don't have a guest bedroom. Thus, the sofa bed as city classic. Those in the know shop at Carlyle Sofa, where you'll find a vast selection of luxurious styles at prices ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 (for a queen-size bed). If you aren't about to dish out so much for a couch — guest or no guest — a trip to Carlyle's Chelsea Custom Clearance center is your best bet, where premade pieces (either in discontinued fabrics or in styles that didn't match picky clients' specifications) are offered at a discount of 10 to 70 percent off for shoppers willing to buy "as is."

Multiple locations

GREAT DEAL: At the more utilitarian Workbench, the purchase is made easy with hundreds of fabrics hanging from racks for your perusal, and just a few no-frills models to bounce on. The sofa beds aren't exactly dirt-cheap ($1,300-$1,800), but you certainly won't be ashamed to have your out-of-town friends drop by for the weekend.