Best Discount Shopping
National Wholesale Liquidators
632 Broadway

With the forecast partly cloudy, and a 30 percent chance of recession, National Wholesale Liquidators makes offers you can’t refuse: 20 to 40 percent off retail on everything from Hoover vacuums to Q-Tips to Carr’s Crackers to Pez dispensers. It’s thrift without the sacrifice; on the store’s three floors of bargains, you won’t see a single dented can, irregular sock, or disturbingly imminent expiration date. You might, however, find items whose cultural expiration dates have long since passed, like the Star Wars Episode I Sith Droid Attack Game (originally $44.95, here just $9.97), or products that make special demands on your language and metric skills, such as a 300-gram box of Kellogg’s Flocons de Maïs Givrés (Frosted Flakes) for $2.50. But for every leopard-print toilet seat ($17.97) or I LOVE YOU MOM wall clock ($12.97), NWL sells hundreds of housewares, groceries, health and beauty aids, and fancy chocolates that are not to be resisted by bears or by bulls.