Best Record Stores
259 Bowery

With their claustrophobic aisles, head-throbbing sound systems, and elitist clerks, dance-music record stores can make facing High Fidelity–like indie-rock fascists seem easy. But at the seven-year-old Satellite -- which just relocated to a massive new space -- owner Scott Richmond and his staff eschew snobbery for a more democratic approach, one rooted in the one-nation-under-a-groove roots of rave. “These two German house-music heads came to the store and said, ‘I can’t believe you stock trance,’” Richmond recalls with mock horror. “So I said, ‘Don’t turn around and you’ll be fine.’” More open-minded consumers, however, happily take in the multitude of dance-music subgenres -- everything from funky breaks to two-step garage -- represented on Satellite’s wall-climbing shelves. And the airy, loftlike space boasts an astounding twenty listening stations to take all the vinyl in, as well as a glass-enclosed foyer dedicated exclusively to CDs. “Tell me what your sensibility is,” Richmond says, “and I’ll play you a record you’ll like.”