Best Sex Toys
Toys in Babeland
94 Rivington Street

Shopping for items to help satisfy those south-of-the-border urgings is an ultimately gratifying but often intimidating experience. Although it is a storefront, Toys in Babeland is conveniently disguised. But this place takes sex toys very seriously -- offering seminars for the uninitiated (Sex Toys 101, S/M 101) and the experienced (Strap It On, Female Ejaculation) alike, as well as a plethora of toys and books and a well-edited selection of videos. The staff is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and comfortable with questions about anything. Theyíve heard it all; they know it all. Those who are extremely shy and want to avoid storefronts altogether have options, too. One is Toys in Babelandís informative and highly entertaining Website ( Another is Eveís Garden (119 West 57th Street, Suite 1201; 212-757-8651). Itís on the twelfth floor of a nondescript office building in midtown, and all purchases are placed in plain shopping bags. If you happen to bump into your mother-in-law on the way out, tell her you were at the dentist.