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Dining Out With The Kids
Yes, you can take a bunch of kids to a top restaurant. Just get ready to improvise.

Plus: The Desperate Parent's Survival Kit


Classic New York Spots for Kids
Treat your child to a taste of classic New York Culture.


Kid Care Providers
From day-care to nanny agencies, a list of New York City's top professionals.

  Shoes and the City
These aren't your mother's Ferragamos—they're your daughter's.

I'll Buy That
Fall clothes that won't just sit in your child's closet.

Plus: Maternitywear for fashionistas.

Party Central
  Cute Cakes
These confectioners' crafts look so good your kids may skip dessert.

Plus: Tips for throwing the perfect party.
Design a Room
  Where I Live
Decorating ideas for bedrooms, from kids who really know.
  Who's on Top?
Bunk-bed designers rise to the occasion.

Plus: Brilliant solutions to storage dilemmas.
  Good Gift Ideas
  The Kids' Guide to Gifts
They know exactly what they want, so why not ask them.

Plus: Best Bets: Baby Gear
From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide
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