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  Animal Instinct
Child's mini-backpack, 30.

Peter Elliot Jr.
1067 Madison Ave., near 81st St.




  Pretty in Pink
Cosmo Child's mini-backpack by Dakine, $25.

Paragon Sporting Goods
867 Broadway, at 18th St.




  Clear Winner
Plastic backpack, $18.50.

Old Navy
503-511 Broadway, 212-226-0865
610 Sixth Ave. near 18th St., 212-645-0885
144-150 W. 34th St., 212-594-0115
300 W. 125th St., 212-531-1544




  Red Alert
Roxy by Quiksilver backpack, $38.

Marsha D.D.
1324 Lexington Ave. near 88th St., 212-534-8700
1574 Third Ave. near 89th St., 212-831-2422




  Let It Roll
L.L. Bean rolling original book pack, $49.

Buy it online at



  Mountain of Work
Borealis backpack by the North Face, $70.

Morris Brothers
2322 Broadway, at 84th St. 212-724-9000




From the Fall 2003 edition of the New York Family Guide
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