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Fitness continued

Joan Pagano Fitness Group
401 E. 89th St. near First Ave., No. 2M
Joan Pagano can get you in shape for delivery, then show you how to recover. These at-home sessions are custom-made to fit your body type, workout history, and goals ($900 for ten classes; $1,700 for twenty). Classes are 45 minutes.

Maternal Fitness
108E. 16th St., near Park Ave., fourth fl.
The instructors are what make this program different from other fitness centers. Each one is a registered nurse-certified trainer or physical therapist. Workshops consist of six consecutive 90-minute classes over six weeks ($325).

Peggy Levine Fitness Studio
212 W. 92nd St., near Broadway
For twenty years, new moms have looked to Peggy Levine to help shape their pre- and postnatal fitness and yoga routines. The prenatal classes, for which a doctor’s note is mandatory, modify traditional yoga poses to help prepare for labor and delivery. Classes last 70 minutes ($21).

Power Pilates
49 W. 23rd St., tenth fl.
136 E. 57th St., Ste. 603
Yoga instructors teach either one-on-one or small group sessions here. The post-pregnancy workouts rebuild your stomach muscles and maintain spine strength—and a post-pregnancy workout DVD is available ($19), so you can do Power Pilates in the privacy of your own home. Single Sessions cost $70.

Prenatal Yoga Center
251 W. 72nd St.
Thought the name might indicate otherwise, both prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are offered here. Prenatal classes focus on breathing and strengthening the uterus and pelvic muscles, while postnatal classes (where babies are welcome) are about opening your chest, releasing shoulder tension, and strengthening your whole body. Pilates classes aimed at maintaining mothers’ core strength are also on the roster. Once-a-week classes are $185 each over an eight-week session.

177 Duane St.
After browsing her client roster (Madonna, Uma Thurman, Christy Turlington), you’ll want Alycea Ungaro to train you through your entire pregnancy. Prenatal Pilates classes (limited to eight people) focus on reducing the uncomfortable side of pregnancy (backaches, soreness, and fatigue), and while there are no specifically postnatal offerings, there are classes that aim to reshape and strengthen your body.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center
243 W. 24th St.
This yoga center focuses on more than downward dogs. By teaching the philosophy of Swamis Sivananda and Vishnu-devananda and emphasizing the points and paths of yoga, moms-to-be can prepare physically and spiritually for the birth of their child. Classes are $12 (the first one is free); prenatal classes are also offered.

The Sports Club LA/East Side
330 E. 61st St., near First Ave.
The Sports Club Rockefeller Center
45 Rockefeller Plaza
Starting in the fall, Upper East Side moms-to-be can begin prenatal exercise training here. The biweekly classes focus on moderate resistance training, Kegels, and stretching. All participants will wear heart-rate monitors and follow guidelines set by the American Council of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Strollercize Inc.
226 E. 53rd St., near Second Ave., Ste. 6A
Strollercizing is a workout in which your stroller doubles as a resistance apparatus. Pre- and postnatal parents can tone up and get a complete cardio workout by pushing Junior through Central Park and other designated routes. Registration is $55 and includes a free trial class; single classes are $30. More popular are the unlimited-use packages, at $445 per trimester, $285 pr half-trimester.

Yoga in Tribecca
38 Walker St., near Church St.
While she offers no separate classes for pregnant or postnatal women, Carolyn Oberst, the owner and instructor of this yoga studio, recommends all women join her regular session. Since classes are taught in Oberst’s home, size is small and extra attention is guaranteed. Women new to yoga are advised to take the slower, more relaxed Basic 1 class ($16).

1026 Sixth Ave., near 38th St.
What’s better tan one-on-one instruction, especially when you’re pregnant? Many of the yoga instructors here are or have been pregnant at some point, so they know what you’re going through. They’ll stretch you and strengthen you on Gyrotonic equipment that expands to fit all tummy sizes. A single session costs $65.

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide