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The Kids’ Guide to Gifts
If you’re shopping for children, why not consult the experts? We asked six major players what they’d buy for their friends.

Emily Bleiberg, 4, Upper West Side
“I would give the Mini American Girl dolls; my favorite is Kit. And the Disney Princess home-theater book. It has to be dark and you choose one of the movies and it goes onto the wall. I like the Cinderella head that I got for my birthday. It comes with barrettes, and you can change her eye color. You can also do that to her mouth. I like the pink braid the best. I like it because it’s pink. I have a Princess tea set. I eat my dinner on it. I don’t use it for tea, because I drink juice. I would give dolls. Barbies. I have a car for my Barbies; I got it for my birthday. And some tutus. We like to wear tutus, but only on a special day. I have one that used to be my mommy’s.
Les Chipies tutu, $39, wings, $28, and wand, $8, at Karin Alexis; Disney Princess Once Upon a Tea Time tea set, $19.99 at Toys ’R’ Us Times Square; Angelina’s Ballet Class (book-and-toy set), $27.95 at Barnes and Noble.

Jacob Aronson, 5, Upper East Side
“I’d get a PlayStation. My brother has one, and he doesn’t let me and my friends borrow it. Maybe I would get a race car, one that you can zoom around in your house. Spider-Man books are good, and especially Batman comic books, because there is a real wolf and he fights Batman! I’d get a Batman race car, one that goes superfast! You can get jerseys, like Derek Jeter’s or maybe Magic Johnson’s. Magic beat my brother in basketball, but he can’t beat me! All the boys in my class like action figures, because I told them all about them. And now they like them. They didn’t know till I told them.”
Yankees jersey, $59.99, and hat, $15, at the Yankees Clubhouse Shop; Versace thermal, $100 at Bloomingdale’s; Cakewalk jeans, $43 at Z’Baby; Sony PlayStation 2, $149.99 at Best Buy; Spider-Man Night Vision Communicators, $29.99 at Toys ’R’ Us Times Square; Radio Control Batman Batmobile, $24.99 at Toys ’R’ Us Times Square; Spider-Man graphic novels, $15 at Barnes and Noble; Spider-Man coloring book, $2.99–$4.99 at the Scholastic Store; Dragonball Z: Budokai 2, $19.99 at Best Buy.
Max Baumbach, 11, East Village
“A lot of kids I know like video games; like The Simpsons: Hit & Run (we call it the Grand Theft Auto for babies). And I’d get my friends some drums and a guitar; I play the piano. We’d call our band something subtle, like Maybe. The new Game Boy is good, too; I know a lot of kids who play it at school. If you’re in the middle of math class, it’s probably going to get confiscated, though. Trading-card leagues interest a lot of other people, but not me. What’s the use in trading little cards with foil inside—with weird-looking things on them, and writing in Japanese? One day I just woke up and thought, Wait a minute. What have I been doing with my life for all these years?”
Ruby Gerber, 6, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
“I would get Best Friend dolls. I found two that look just like me and my friend. And I would get a real-life pet! What won’t a dog chase? A lizard! I might go catch one in my house in Barbados. I would get a bracelet with charms on it and a pink bike. Mine came with pom-poms, but I took them out and now the handles are filled with spiderwebs. And I would get a microphone so we could sing—and tap shoes to dance in. Or how about a beautiful paint set with all the colors of the rainbow? In Barbados, I drew a bowl of fruit with my doll in it, and it came out good. And some gardening tools. You know what’s weird about my neighbor’s garden? His plants are always alive, even in winter!”
MGL rainbow dress, $45 at Lester’s; ankle warmers, $13, and tap shoes, $24.50, at Capezio Dance Theater Shop; goggles, $4 at Big Fun Toys; pink bike, $140 at Sid’s Bike Shop; gardening set, $16 at Kidding Around; Alex Twist-up crayons, $5, and Little Hand markers, $6.65, at A.I. Friedman.

Marin Lucas, 3, Upper West Side
“I like Clifford—the big one—and a doll stroller so I can put him inside. Or I can put Zoe, my sister, inside, too. No, she’s too big. My favorite is a soccer ball! I like cars and tractors and trucks. I would give a big truck that looks like Bob the Builder’s truck and a train that looks like Thomas the Tank Engine. I have a brown dog and a white dog, and they’re stuffed animals. I would give a brown dog, like my Chocolat, except bigger, with a long tail. It can do flips when you throw it in the air! And you can use the tail to tickle mommy’s neck.”
Versace hoodie, $200 at Bloomingdale’s; T-shirt, $5 at the Children’s Place; big and small Cliffords, $124.95 and $19.95 respectively, at the Scholastic Store; soccer ball, $10.99 at Toys ’R’ Us Times Square; doll stroller, $15.99 at Homboms; car, $69.95, and motorcycle, $27.95, at Exoticar; Brio City train set, $100 at Boomerang Toys.

Kirsten Harvey, 9, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
“I’d get American Girl dolls; Kirsten is my favorite. If I can’t get the furniture or accessories, me and my mom try to make them out of the stuff the dolls come in. My dad helps, too. A small box could be a table; a big box could be a bed. We play with Barbies, too. I’d get an action one, like the one that goes to Jamaica on vacation. But the bad thing about My Scene Barbies is that the only thing they’re into is fashion. My friends and I aren’t into science kits anymore. We like to do other things than catching butterflies and putting them into a cage. I’d get them a really cool jacket or purses. You know, what teenagers wear; teenagers that are cool but nice at the same time. Like me. I’m cool, but I’m also nice.”
Alberta Ferretti dress, $125 at; feather boa, $10, tiara, $14.99, necklaces, $5–$15, and bracelet, $6.99, at; Jammin’ in Jamaica My Scene Barbie, $13.99 at Toys ’R’ Us Times Square.

From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide
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