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Dance Lessons
Dance | Music | Art | Language | Drama

Ballet Academy East
1651 Third Ave., near 92nd St., 3rd fl.
This pink-hued academy gets kids into tights and tutus almost as soon as they walk. Start them out with mother-and-child classes, offered to toddling 2-year-olds accompanied by an adult. Kids 3–6 can take pre-ballet and tap; traditional ballet training begins at 6. Summer: $225; school year: $490– $3,500 for 34 weeks.

Brighton Ballet Theatre
3300 Coney Island Ave., at Bridgewater Ct.
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn City Center, 130 W. 56th St., near Sixth Ave.
Former dancers from Russia and Ukraine, some of whom are veterans of the Bolshoi Theatre and Moscow Ballet, teach children starting at age 2. Russian and Ukrainian folk dance is also taught. Break-dancing, too: Go figure. Monthlong programs start at $79 for two lessons per week, or $7–$14 per class.

Broadway Dance Center
221 W. 57th St., near Broadway, 5th fl.
Three- and 4-year-olds learn body awareness and intro to music through tap and ballet. Regular ballet, tap, and jazz classes start at age 6; hip-hop starts at 7, when kids can also take Triple Threat: dancing, singing, and acting. School year: $292 per semester, or $15 per class, year-round.

Dance Gear
Call 800-533-1887
Baryshnikov hopefuls flock to this dance-supply store for pint-size leggings, pointe shoes ($53 and up), leotards, and every other accessory needed to prep for the big recital. Cute totes ($15–$25), dance bags ($18), and dancer’s journals are also in stock.

Brooklyn Arts Exchange
421 Fifth Ave., at 8th St., Park Slope, Brooklyn
Though this ultrahip performance center’s main focus is modern dance, it also offers more unconventional fare, like circus arts. Intensive workshops for ages 11 and up feature guest choreographers who create pieces for the group to perform. Summer: $280–$300 per week; school year: $130–$150 for ten weeks. Scholarships available.

Dance Conservatory of New York
250 W. 54th St., near Broadway, 5th fl., Ste. 503
Former New York City Ballet principal Valentina Kozlova’s school teaches traditional Russian technique to children and teens. Pre-ballet starts at 3, and older students get to share the stage with professional dancers in Kozlova’s company. Pointe and jazz are also offered. Summer: $1,500 for three weeks; school year: $450–$1,650 per semester.

Hip-hop is one of the most popular classes at DanceSport. (Photo Credit: Kristine Larsen)

1845 Broadway, at 60th St.
One of the country’s largest ballroom-dance studios, DanceSport offers salsa, Latin jazz, and hip-hop to children 7–17; $225 for four weeks, or $25 and up per class.

Jewish Community Center in Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Ave., at 76th St.
L.A.-based Creation Station teaches music and movement to youngsters ages 8 months to 6 years, as well as pre-ballet for toddlers and ballet for kids ages 2–6 at its JCC outlet. Ballet lessons run from $280 to $500, hip-hop classes from $350 to $500 and musical theater from $280 to $400.

Lucy Moses School
129 W. 67th St., near Broadway
Little ones (ages 2–5) move to Western and world music—with adult partners—in Hop, Skip, and Dance I. Later, sign them up for ballet (age 6), jazz (age 6), and jazz/Broadway dancing (age 8). Troupe and company training is available for advanced students (8–17). Summer: $125–$250. School year: $285–$350 for 15 weeks, $470–$650 for 30 weeks.

92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Ave.
This Upper East Side institution offers introduction to dance for preschoolers, modern dance for kids ages 3 and up, and beginner courses in jazz and hip-hop for youngsters starting at 9. Boys 12–18 can join the Fresh Y Crew, a full-year jazz and hip-hop performing group; teens can join the 92nd Street Y Lindyhoppers. Rates range from $275 to $750.

The School at Steps on Broadway
2121 Broadway, near 74th St.
This Upper West Side studio offers kids 2–18 a wide range of classes, including ballet, tap, jazz, Isadora Duncan technique, theater dance, and hip-hop. Pre-professional programs are offered, too ($855 for two intensive weeks). Kids 3–6 take two-week and four-week classes ($99 to $200); more complex classes for older kids run from around $560 to $2,055.

Call 212-630-9600 for locations
Y’s in all five boroughs offer loads of dance classes for all age groups. Check out the Flushing location for more traditional fare like ballet, jazz, tap, and modern class for kids 4–12; the Long Island City branch features ballet for ages 4 to 7. Call for schedules and fees.

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide
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