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Petstores continued

Just Cats, Inc.
244 E. 60th St.
This feline boutique sometimes has more than six different breeds of pedigree kittens for sale at any given time, from Siamese to Egyptian Maus to Maine Coons ($600–$1,500). Kitties come with shots, papers, and a free layette: food, toys, vitamins, and sundry supplies. Boarding service ($20 a day) is also available when traveling. To look at kittens, book an appointment.

Le Chien
1044 Third Ave., near 61st St.
This upscale pet shop stocks few dogs in-house—owner Lisa Gilford acts more as a link to breeders, among whom she has extensive contacts—but its services alone are noteworthy: From day care to housebreaking, your dog will be treated as if he’s a guest in a five-star hotel. Pet snacks and accessories ranging from doggy beds to fancy collar sets are also sold; pups start at about $1,000.

Cat Groomer
Howard Bedor
Spoiled felines will appreciate the gentle techniques of Howard Bedor, who’s been advising groomers at the Madison Square Garden Cat Show for five years. Bedor understands that kitties are more comfy in their own homes, so he’ll come to you. $150 for the first hour; $100 each additional.

Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc.
This agency places purebred golden retrievers into homes in Long Island, Manhattan, and the tri-state area. Volunteers rescue nonaggressive (as determined by temperament tests) goldens from shelters and accept “surrendered” dogs from owners who can no longer care for them. Dogs tend to be full-grown; if satisfied, new owners pay $300 in tax-deductible fees, which cover pre-adoption medical care. Only dogs with a known history with children are placed in family homes.

New World Aquarium
204 E. 38th St., near Third Ave.
This full-line aquarium shop does custom tank design for some of the biggest corporate offices and restaurants in the city. For smaller customers, there are schools of fresh- and saltwater fish and invertebrates imported from all over the world, including some extremely rare species, like a mata mata turtle for nearly $500. Starter kits—a tank, a light, and a filter—begin at $39.99; maintenance services are also offered.

560 Second Ave., near 31st St.
860 Broadway, near 17th St.
2475 Broadway, near 92nd St.
147 E. 86th St., near Lexington Ave.
All four Petcos carry the same supplies, brands, and animals, but the Union Square location is the biggest. Besides the usual gerbils, guinea pigs, and garter snakes, Petco shoppers often buy lobsters, freshwater puffer fish, and fancy rats as pets, too. For more exotic tastes, try leopard geckos (starting at $29.99), quaker birds ($300), and chinchillas ($119).

1271 Lexington Ave., near 86th St.
Specializing in teacup Yorkies, Maltese, poodles, Chihuahuas, and Pomeranians (starting at $500), this store also offers smaller critters such as hamsters and rabbits. Health guarantees, food, accessories, and shipping services are available.

33rd and Bird
40 E. 33rd St., near Madison Ave.
This two-story mecca for bird lovers has parakeets, finches, lovebirds, and cockatiels as well as exotic breeds—chat with the African pied crow ($2,000) and white-throat raven ($3,000) while the Australian kookaburra ($2,000) imitates your laughter.

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide
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