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Websites for Children
Looking for reruns of Full House or 7th Heaven? Then thank goodness for ABC Family. You’ll find info on upcoming shows or movies on this site, or when to catch the Olsen twins in action—but not a lot else.
This extremely colorful interactive site displays more than 3,500 pages of nursery rhymes and fables, fun facts, safety tips, and magic tricks. Babloo (a smiling monkey) entertains “Toddlers” (3–6 years), “Pranksters” (6–9 years), “Youngsters” (9–12 years), and parents, too.
Bob the Builder was an instant hit when it debuted on Nickelodeon in January 2001. Now your preschooler can interact with the show’s characters—design a house with Mr. Bentley, help Bob arrange his tools, or practice counting with Spud.
Save the day with the Powerpuff Girls, solve a mystery with Scooby-Doo, fight crime with the Teen Titans—your favorite ’toons are all here, alongside games, show schedules, an online shop, and a page to collect, trade, and auction digital cards featuring Cartoon Network stars like Dexter and Samurai Jack.

Video Game Lounge
Game Time Nation
111 E. 12th St., near Third Ave.
For $5 an hour, Xbox and PS2 devotees can battle kids in the same room by logging on to more than 180 online games, from Halo to Madden football. Bonus: Each kid gets his own couch and 32-inch screen, so opponents can’t watch his every move.
Up, up, and away to DC’s site, where four-color faves like Batman, Superman, and the Justice League come to digital life. Download previews of upcoming comics, read up on Aquaman’s fishy friends and the Flash’s speed force in the Secret Files section, and chat with other fans on DC’s extensive message boards.
Feel like trying your hand at Whizzball, testing your choppers with Chomp, or getting gross with Yucky? Well, maybe not, but your kids will love the games on this site. While not particularly educational, they are a lot of fun—a rarity among Website games. Fans of Discovery Kids’ programming can also read about favorite shows like Trading Spaces: BvG and Kenny the Shark.
Youngsters who thrill to Disney characters can print out and color a picture of Donald or connect the dots to see Pooh and Piglet onscreen. The site also offers recipes, birthday-party ideas, and information about the theme parks, plus movies, songs, and Disney paraphernalia galore.
Learning doesn’t have to be a snooze.On this site, games like Grammar Gorillas and MathCar Racing make familiar classroom lessons fun. If pure enjoyment is what you’re seeking, play Penguin Drop and protect your iceberg by engaging in a snowball fight with penguins.
The city guide for parents offers a frequently updated rundown of family-friendly activities, divvied up into categories such as Parks & Playgrounds, Day Camps, Parties, and Classes & Lessons. For extra amenities, a subscription ($19.95 a year, or $4.95 for two months) entitles you to a weekly e-newsletter and calendar of events in your town.

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide
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