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Websites for Children continued
The city guide for parents offers a frequently updated rundown of family-friendly activities, divvied up into categories such as Parks & Playgrounds, Day Camps, Parties, and Classes & Lessons. For extra amenities, a subscription ($19.95 a year, or $4.95 for two months) entitles you to a weekly e-newsletter and calendar of events in your town.
Parents can breathe a sigh of relief that profanity-laced outbursts from Tony Soprano are not a clickable option on HBO’s outpost for good, clean family fun. Instead, you’ll find program guides for well-before-prime-time shows like The Adventures of Paddington Bear, information on documentaries about historical figures like Rosa Parks, and interactive games that test your child’s math and vocabulary skills.
Fans of Highlights magazine can now explore the pages online. Your kid will get Hidden Picture pages whenever he wants, instructions for at-home science experiments, and lots of interactive stories in which the child determines the characters’ paths.
Send your miniature motor enthusiast here to check out the latest die-cast speedsters, planes, and loop-the-loop racing tracks. More than 100 new Hot Wheels were introduced last year, including the very au courant line of Bling roadsters, so there’s plenty to see here. Little ones can also sate burgeoning road rage by sending cars to their doom with the Monster Jam Crashzilla (an auto-eating mechanical dino), or by racing in one of the many on-site games.
E-shopping site mySimon has the newest books, DVDs, and games. It’s a great place to comparison-shop for Maclaren strollers, Sit ’n’ Stroll car seats, toddler-proof furniture, Neopets, puzzles, clothes, and more. You’ll find whatever your child needs (or asks for) here.
A good home base for kids to venture from, this site is like a folder of all the links they’re likely to want—from educational games (like to movies (like to favorite artists like Britney, Christina and Hilary Duff.
The ever-lovin’ comics site has every Spider-Man fact, comic, and toy your little wall-crawler could ever need. Visitors can also check out upcoming funny books and graphic novels, read new Dot.Comics online, find out exactly why the Hulk smashes and what Wolverine’s claws are made of, not to mention how cosmic radiation made the Fantastic Four. Excelsior!
This homework helper allows kids to look up a word’s meaning (or its synonyms), then click the “audio” button to hear the correct pronunciation. They can also play word games or sign up for the Word of the Day e-mail subscription.
A great learning tool for the whole family, this site allows children to look at maps, print pages from a coloring book, or listen to the sounds (and see the sights) of Yellowstone National Park. The GeoBee quiz is a fun way for kids to test their geography smarts.

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide
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