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Diapers at Your Door

If you're not opposed to synthetic fibers, this disposable-diaper service is a convenient way to get through the first few months of parenthood. Just as you've reached your last row of Huggies, this service will automatically send you a new batch. You'll pay $29.99 for 160 newborn diapers, and $21.99 for 76 medium-size biodegradable diapers or trianing pants.

Nature Baby Diaper Service, Inc.
Crunchy moms gravitate to this service, which uses only cloth diapers made of pure cotton. Nature Baby offers a once-a-week delivery and pick-up servcice in Manhattan, northwest Brooklyn, and northern Bronx; about $22.

Tidy Diapers, Inc.
For thirteen years, Tidy Diapers has been delivering cloth diapers to parents in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and parts of Queens. Owner Suzanne Ryan charges between $15 and $17 per week, renting or selling diaper covers at an additional price.

From the Fall 2003 edition of the New York Family Guide
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