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Kids’ Hairstylists

Astor Place
2 Astor Pl., at Broadway
This is the place to go for inexpensive, speedy haircuts. Grooming downtowners since 1940, this no-frills shop will gladly (and safely) trim your little one’s locks. Cuts are $12 and up for kids.

Bumble and bumble
415 W. 13th St.
146 E. 56th St.
Adults love Bumble and bumble’s products and cutting-edge cuts, but did you know they also style Junior? Kids looking for something a bit snazzier than a trim will certainly find it here. Be sure to take home a bottle of Prep—it helps with those pesky tangles. Cuts start at $75.
Upscale Hairstylist
Antoinette Guzzo at Frédéric Fekkai
15 E. 57th St.
Bat mitzvahs and the annual family portrait call for something more sophisticated than ponytails or curls. Known for her long-lasting bobs and easy-to-grow-out bangs, Antoinette Guzzo specializes in clean cuts that look even better as they grow in; from $90.

Cozy’s Cuts for Kids
1125 Madison Ave., at 84th St.
448 Amsterdam Ave., at 81st St.
The most popular name in uptown kids’ cuts (on both sides of the park), Cozy’s doesn’t just style and trim infants and kids in car- and truck-shaped chairs—it also keeps the salons full of toys and games that will entertain (or distract) your little ones while they wait. Cuts start at $28.

Hair Profiles
137 Montague St., Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn
This neighborhood salon has been trimming the locks of Brooklyn families for twelve years. They’ll cut or style your kid’s hair for any occasion, whether it’s a party or a school ceremony. Moms and dads are also welcome to a cut (starting at $28 for men, $38 for women). Cuts are $18 for little ones under the age of 10, $21 for teens ages 10 to 14. Styling (including a wash and blow-dry) starts at $18.

The Hair’s Castle
1470 York Ave., at 78th St.
Although moms and dads can get coiffed here, it’s the kids who will really appreciate the warm setting, friendly stylists, and entertaining videos—not to mention the car-shaped chairs they’ll get to sit in. Cuts start at $24.

Insitu Salon
77 Irving Pl.
At this upscale Gramercy Park salon, kids are guaranteed the most stylish cut on the playground. Most of the younger clients get cuts that mimic those of their sophisticated, style-conscious parents: When one little girl recently tired of pushing her multilayered hair out of her eyes, she finally solved the problem by opting for hip bangs. All cuts for under-12s start at $40.

Kids Cuts
201 E. 31st St., near Third Ave.
It’s no wonder Murray Hill parents swear by this salon: It’s open on Sundays, twins get the second haircut for half-price, and there’s an in-house toy boutique that more than does its part to calm the nerves of first-timers. Cuts start at $24.95.

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide
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