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  Some of the city’s best schools either accept, exclusively, motivated kids with learning and other disabilities, or are “LD-friendly,” offering individualized work with LD students. They tend to be small, and admission is competitive; the application process typically begins at least a year in advance. Different types of state aid may be available.  


The Churchill School
301 E. 29th St. 212-722-0610
K–12 • Students: 396
Getting in: Over 400 applications for 58 places
Tuition: $27,000

The Child School/Legacy High School
587 Main St., Roosevelt Island 212-223-5055
K–12 • Students: 280
Getting in: 750 applications for 26 places
Tuition: $22,874

Mary McDowell Center for Learning
20 Bergen St., Brooklyn 718-625-3939
Ungraded (ages 5-12)
Students: 108
Getting in: 115 applications for 30 spaces
Tuition: $27,900

Robert Louis Stevenson School
24 W. 74th St. 212-787-6400
8–12 • Students: 75
Getting in: 200 applications for up to 30 places
Tuition: $28,000

The Smith School
131 West 86 Street New York NY 10024,
7–12 • Students: 60
Getting in: 40 applications for 20 places
Tuition: $26,400

Stephen Gaynor School
22 W. 74th St. 212-787-7070
Ungraded (ages 5-13)
Students: 118
Getting in: 120 applications for 20 places
Tuition: $31,400

The Summit School
187-30 Grand Central Parkway, Jamaica Estates 718-264-2931
2–12 • Students: 289
Getting in: Over 1,000 applications for 35 places
Tuition: None

Winston Preparatory School
4 W. 76th St. 212-496-8400
6–12 • Students: 143
Getting in: Over 200 applicants for 37 places
Tuition: $33,450


The Beekman School
220 E. 50th St. 212-755-6666
9–12 • Students: 100
LD-friendliness: Flexible scheduling; individualized programs
Getting in: 45 applications for 30 spaces
Tuition: $18,000

The Calhoun School
433 West End Ave., at 81st St. 212-497-6500
Pre-K–12 • Students: 655
LD-friendliness: Progressive school with small classes
Getting in: 1,000 applications for 80 places
Tuition: $22,700

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
5 W. 93rd St. 212-749-6200
Pre-K–12 • Students: 990
LD-friendliness: Individualized programs
Getting in: 1 in 75 applicants accepted in LD track
Tuition: $44,000 for LD track

The Dwight School
291 Central Park W., near 89th St. 212-724-2146
K–12 • Students: 430
LD-friendliness: Quest program, with mentors and daily tutorials
Getting in: N/A
Tuition: $21,000, plus $9,000 to $15,000 for Quest

Trevor Day School
1 W. 88th St. 212-426-3300
PK–12 • Students: 760
LD-friendliness: Teachers accommodate different learning styles and meet with outside tutors
Getting in: N/A
Tuition: $23,000

York Preparatory School
40 W. 68th St. 212-362-0400
6–12 • Students: 310
LD-friendliness: Jump Start program has daily study skills, twice-weekly teacher meetings
Getting in: About 200 applicants for 50 spaces
Tuition: $23,300; additional $9,800 for Jump Start

From the Fall 2003 edition of the New York Family Guide
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