The City's Top Beauty & Fitness Gurus
A roundup of the best trainers and aestheticians — from pilates and yoga instructors to skin-care specialists.
Anguilla Calling
The hot island paradise has added spas and a splash of spiritualism.
Best of the West
From a Provençal-esque village to a Californian facsimile of Japan.
  Super-Luxe Gyms
Five exclusive spas around town where you can train in private.
  The Coolest Workout Gear
Whether running, swimming, or sun-saluting, you ought to have the best.
10 Ultimate Urban Spas
A guide to New York's beauty havens.
  8 Spa Getaways
From here to ecstasy...
  10 Best Monthly Fixes
Where to find the best of the basics, from head to toe.

Best Exercise Classes
Beth Landman and Sarah Bernard work out and deliver the results.
  Walking to the Office | Cardio vs. Weights | Celebrity Fitness Secrets | More..

New York's 23 Best Spas
After an arduous regimen of deep-tissue massages, banana-leaf body wraps, caviar facials, and olive-oil pedicures — the results are in.
  Spiritual Retreats
From the Catskills to the Berkshires, our own hills host a soothing array of spiritual retreats, yoga camps, and New Age spas.
  Treatment Bargains
Top-notch hairstylists, manicurists, masseurs, and pore-cleansers who will rub you and your bank account the right way.
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