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New York Street Fair Calendar
Seven months of fairs, fests, carnivals, bazaars, expos, and spectaculars — more browsing than even a bargain-hungry New Yorker could hope to enjoy.

May June July August September October November
MAY 2005

Gowanus Canal Community Development Corp. Summerfest
Courth Street from President to W. 9th Streets, Brooklyn
• Sunday, May 1

Gustavos Adolphus Lutheran Church/Third Avenue Merchants Spring Expo
Third Avenue from 23rd to 34th Streets
• Sunday, May 1

Broadway Mall/Strycker's Bay/17th Annual Broadway Spring Festival
Broadway from 86th to 96th Streets
• Sunday, May 1

N.Y.C. Business Expo
Maiden Lane from Water to South Streets
• Friday, May 6

Federation to Preserve the GV Waterfront Fair
Greenwich Avenue from Sixth to Seventh Avenues
• Saturday, May 7

Gramercy Visiting Neighbors Fair
Third Avenue from 14th to 23rd Streets
• Saturday, May 7

Riverside Church Festival
Broadway from 116th to 120th Streets
• Saturday, May 7

Romania Day Festival
Broadway from Battery Place to Fulton Street
• Saturday, May 7

17th Precinct Community Council/Mother's Day Festival
Lexington Avenue from 42nd to 57th Streets
• Sunday, May 8

Committee for Environmentally Sound Development Fair/Upper West Side Lincoln Center Festival
Broadway from 60th to 65th Streets
• Sunday, May 8

Cinco de Mayo Festival
E. 116th Street from Lexington to Second Aves.
• Sunday, May 8

Tomchei Torah Chaim Birnbaum Festival
Cortelyou Road from McDonald Avenue to Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn
• Sunday, May 8

Friends of LaGuardia/Bleecker Street Festival
Bleecker Street from Lafayette Street to LaGuardia Place
• Sunday, May 8

Civic Community Day Fair
Murray Street from Broadway to Church Street
• Friday, May 13

Village Crosstown Trolley Festival
Astor Place from Broadway to Lafayette Street
• Saturday, May 14

Gramercy Park Neighborhood Festival
Park Avenue South from 17th to 23rd Streets
• Saturday, May 14

Ninth Avenue Food Festival
Ninth Avenue from 37th to 57th Streets
• Saturday, May 14 - Sunday, May 15

Graham Avenue BID Festival
Amsterdam Avenue from 77th to 90th Streets
• Sunday, May 15

Amsterdam Avenue Festival
Amsterdam Avenue from 77th to 90th Streets
• Sunday, May 15

Park Slope/Fifth Avenue Merchants Association Festival
Fifth Avenue from Sterling to 12th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn
• Sunday, May 15

Bay Improvement Group Bay Fest
Emmons Avenue from Ocean Avenue to E. 28th Street, Brooklyn
• Sunday, May 15

St. Demetrios Cathedral Festival
30th Drive from 30th to 31st Streets, Queens
• Wednesday, May 18 - Wednesday, May 25

Financial Community Day Festival
Maiden Lane from South to Water Streets
• Friday, May 20

Children of the World Festival
Avenue of the Americas from 42nd to 56th Streets
• Saturday, May 21

Taste of Tibeca Street Fair
Duane Street between Greenwich and Hudson
• Saturday, May 21;

Christopher Block & Merchants Association Festival
Christopher Street from Seventh Avenue So./Bleecker to Hudson Streets.
• Saturday, May 21

Bedford Barrow-Commerce Block Association Fair
Bedford, Barrow and Commerce Sts. from Seventh Ave. to Husdson St.
• Saturday, May

10th Precinct Community Council Fair
23rd Street from Seventh and Eighth Avenues
• Saturday, May

Forum's Children Foundation Fair
Avenue of the Americas from 42nd to 56th Streets
• Saturday, May 21

Village Committee for the Jefferson Area Market/Greenwich Avenue Festival
Avenue of the Americas from 42nd to 56th Streets
• Saturday, May 21

Greenwich Village Youth Council Arts & Crafts Fair
Bleecker Street from Bank to Christopher Streets
• Sunday, May 22

Turtle Bay Association Festival
Second Avenue from 43rd to 55th Streets
• Sunday, May 22

Project Open at Lincoln Center Fair
Broadway from 66th to 72nd Streets
• Sunday, May 22

Valley Restoration LDC Festival
Amsterdam Avenue from 96th to 106th Streets
• Sunday, May 22

Greenpoint YMCA/Manhattan Avenue Festival
Manhattan Avenue from Greenpoint to Bedford Avenues, Brooklyn
• Sunday, May 22

Kiwanis Club of Glendale Metropolital Avenue Festival
Metropolitan Avenue from 73rd Place to 79th Street, Queens
• Sunday, May 22

Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce
Austin Street from Yellowstone Blvd. and 72nd Road
• Sunday, May 22

Society of St. Anthony of Giovanazzo Feast
Mott Street from Canal and Hester Streets
• Wednesday, May 25 - Sunday, June 5

2 Bridges Neighborhood Council/Lower Third Avenue Spring Festival
Third Avenue from 6th to 14th Streets
• Saturday, May 28

Chelsea Reform Democratic Club Fair
Sixth Avenue from 14th to 23rd Streets
• Saturday, May 28

Sunnyside Lions Club Festival
Greenpoint Avenue between 44th and 48th Streets, Queens
• Saturday, May 28

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit
University Place from E. 3rd to E. 12th Streets
• Saturday, May 28 - Monday, May 30

Brooklyn Academy of Music: Dance Africa Festival
Ashland Place from Lafayette Avenue to Hanson Place, Brooklyn
• Saturday, May 28 - Monday, May 30

Times Square Fair
Seventh Avenue from 47th to 57th Streets
• Sunday, May 29

Avenue C from 5th to 12th Streets
• Sunday, May 29

Coalition of Italo-American Association Fair
Seventh Avenue from 47th to 57th Streets
• Sunday, May 29

Coalition of a Livable West Side/Safe Haven Festival
Broadway from 72nd and 86th Streets
• Sunday, May 29

Queens Coalition for Political Alternatives/Flushing Festival
Kissena Blvd. from 41st Avenue/Main Street to Sanford Avenue, Queens
• Sunday, May 29

C.O.N.O. Festival
Eighth Avenue from 39th to 49th Streets, Brooklyn
• Sunday, May 29

Innovative Community Enterprises Fair/Madison Avenue Community Expo
Madison Avenue from 42nd to 57th Streets
• Monday, May 30

Broadway Merchants & Professionals Association/13th Annual Broadway Astoria Festival
Broadway from Crescent and 42nd Streets, Queens
• Monday, May 30

Events, dates, and locations are subject to change.



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