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9 Sport and Tech Essentials

1 The Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom digital camera captures 3.3 megapixels of resolution, but it's the Porsche-designed shell that makes this sexy little baby the perfect high-tech accessory. ($799, J&R, 23 Park Row; 212-238-9100.)

2 The Kodak MC3 combines the two most essential summer tech toys -- a digital camera and an MP3 player -- in one sleek, palm-size package. You can also use it to capture snippets of full-motion video (up to 20 seconds worth). ($289.99, J&R.)

3 How cool is it that the top-of-the-line DV camcorder in Canon's new ZR line sells for well under a grand? The ZR30MC has a 10X optical/200X digital zoom and accepts multimedia cards, allowing you to save and transfer digital stills to your PC or Mac. ($799, J&R.)

4-6 Never mind sweats and oversize tees. The yoga outfit of choice: super-light Perfetto board pants ($58) with a snug military-theme tank by Major De'lema ($38). And don't do a downward-facing dog into a yoga mat Vishnu-knows-who used before you; instead, buy your own Tapas mat ($29) at Equinox EnergyWear. (212-752-5360 for locations.)

7 Head out on a brisk summer morning wearing this sleek Nike windbreaker, and then later, when it warms up, you can just sling it over your shoulders -- it morphs into a backpack. ($50 at Niketown, 6 East 57th Street; 212-891-6453).

8 To coordinate with your faux-armywear, Keds offers functional camouflage. While on the beach, stash your money and keys in the cleverly hidden compartments -- they Velcro shut. ($25 at

9 Think of the new Apple iBook as your own personal digital darkroom. It packs massive computing power (a 500-Mhz processor, 10-gig hard drive) into a thin (1.3 inch thick), light (4.9 pounds) body, and comes with the superb new version 2 update of iMovie, the easiest-to-use digital-movie editor on the market. ($1,499 with optional DVD-ROM drive, J&R.)

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