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A Chef’s Guide to Las Vegas

Off-Strip dining, a secret downtown speakeasy, and a neon-sign museum.
the urbanist

A Sculptor’s Guide to Athens

Fresh-from-the-boat fish, dancing till sunrise, and contemporary art in a slaughterhouse.
the urbanist

A Musician’s Guide to Berlin

Beautiful biergartens, nude swimming, and vintage punk records.
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    San Francisco After Dark: The Perfect Night Out for Every PersonalityAn event planner, two chefs, and a drag queen lay out their multi-stop itineraries for an unforgettable evening.
  2. the urbanist: san francisco
    The Best Day Trips From San FranciscoHalf the joy of living in the Bay Area is leaving it behind. Here’s where the locals go when they need to get away.
  3. the urbanist: london
    My Favorite End: A Rapper’s Guide to East LondonJammz, a grime emcee and producer, makes the case for the area where he was born and raised.
  4. the urbanist: san francisco
    How to Explore the Dogpatch, San Francisco’s Artsiest NeighborhoodThe former industrial area is now home to a groundswell of artistic expression. Workshop Residence creative manager Lisa Ellsworth takes us on a tour.
  5. the urbanist: dubai
    Week 8: Everything You Think You Know About Dubai Is WrongThe UAE’s most populous city shines in luxury and opulence. But it’s also wildly diverse and ripe with possibility.
  6. the urbanist: bangkok
    Wild Elephants and Jungle Biking: The Best Day Trips From BangkokEven the city’s biggest supporters sometimes need a break. From a “green lung” getaway to a triple-waterfall park, here’s where the locals escape.
  7. the urbanist: dubai
    How to Live Like a Sheikh in Dubai (For a Day, Anyway)When it comes to the finer pleasures in life, this city is second to none.
  8. the urbanist: london
    11 Souvenirs You Should Buy in London, According to LocalsPay no mind to those telephone box keychains and Queen Elizabeth bobbleheads. Our insiders have much better suggestions for gifts to go.
  9. the urbanist: cape town
    Go Deeper: What to Read, Watch, and Download Before Visiting Cape TownOur list of essentials includes Nelson Mandela’s memoir, the Rodriguez documentary, and a handy local restaurant app.
  10. the urbanist: dubai
    Worthwhile Alternatives to Dubai’s Most Popular SightsBurj Khalifa, Jumeirah Mosque, and the Dubai Museum are fantastic — but they’re also swarming with tourists.
  11. the urbanist: honolulu
    EDM Downtown and Jazz in Chinatown: A Live Music Guide to HonoluluWhatever you’re in the mood to hear — throbbing house music, indie hip-hop, slack-key guitar — Aloha Got Soul’s Roger Bong knows where to find it.
  12. the urbanist: honolulu
    Where to Buy Reversible Bikinis, Vintage Kimonos, and More in HonoluluDon’t waste money on dashboard ornaments and cheap ukuleles. Shop for locally made keepsakes instead.
  13. the urbanist: barcelona
    Shantytowns and Air Raid Shelters: Peeling Back the Layers in BarcelonaWhat’s old is new again, thanks to a spate of notable urban renewal projects.
  14. the urbanist: bangkok
    The Best Thai Food in Bangkok, From High to LowTwo chefs, a brewer, a pop star, and a flock of other food-obsessed locals reveal their favorite spots for authentic Thai eats.
  15. the urbanist: cape town
    Penguin Beaches, Storybook Villages, and Other Ways to Escape Cape TownFive unique destinations within a couple hours’ drive of the Mother City, hand-picked by locals we trust.
  16. the urbanist: san juan
    Eco Goods and Guayaberas: Shopping Like a Local in San JuanPop-ups, concept shops, and the best boutique strip in the city.
  17. the urbanist
    Go Deeper: What to Read, Watch, and Download Before Visiting San FranciscoOur list of essentials includes a jailhouse podcast, a Harvey Milk documentary, and a 49-chapter love letter to the city.
  18. the urbanist: bogotá
    Five Archetypal Bogotán Drinks and Where to Order ThemIncluding Colombian coffee, craft beer, and low-alcohol Andean chicha.
  19. the urbanist: honolulu
    Where Organic Farmers and Top Chefs Eat in HonoluluOahu is teeming with farm-to-table fare, though it’s true — many locals still have a place in their hearts for Spam.
  20. the urbanist: beijing
    Where to Eat Near Beijing’s Biggest Tourist AttractionsRoast duck and dan dan noodles near the Temple of Heaven, deep-fried carrot balls near the Forbidden City, and more.
  21. the urbanist: cape town
    The Best Markets in Cape Town, According to LocalsEach one draws different crowds for different reasons: delicious global food, indie fashion finds, and great live entertainment.
  22. the urbanist: beijing
    Survival of the Delicious: Exploring Beijing’s Backstreet EateriesAfter a citywide “cleanup” campaign, many restaurants in the capital’s oldest neighborhoods were forced to shutter. These guys are still kicking.
  23. the urbanist: barcelona
    Girona, Sitges, and Other Worthy Day Trips From BarcelonaWhen you’ve counted one too many fanny packs, head for the surrounding hills, or the sea, or a Game of Thrones–esque village.
  24. the urbanist: cape town
    Art, Art Everywhere: The Gallery Hopper’s Guide to Cape TownThe city has everything a burgeoning art capital could need: thriving art schools, a booming gallery scene, and endless sources of inspiration.
  25. the urbanist: honolulu
    Go Deeper: What to Read, Watch, and Download Before Visiting HonoluluOur list of essentials includes the Holoholo podcast, how-to pidgin videos, and some very enviable Instagram accounts.
  26. the urbanist: cape town
    A Top Sommelier’s Lowdown on the Western Cape WinelandsThanks to a temperate climate and fertile terrain, Cape Town is surrounded by distinct wine regions. Here’s how to tell them apart.
  27. the urbanist: beijing
    Where to See Art in Beijing (Beyond the 798 Art Zone)Our selects include under-the-radar hutong galleries and a mall dotted with Dalí sculptures.
  28. the urbanist: bogotá
    How to Avoid Other Tourists in BogotáAlternatives to Monserrate, La Candelaria, Andrés Carne de Res, the Museo del Oro, and the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá.
  29. the urbanist: beijing
    Where the Locals Would Stay in Beijing If They Weren’t LocalFrom quirky options hidden down winding lanes to minimalist art-adorned hotels, the capital has superb — and superbly varied — options.
  30. the urbanist: bangkok
    You Can Do Better Than Khaosan RoadLeave the deep-fried scorpions to the backpackers. Here are five under-the-radar alternatives to Bangkok’s biggest tourist magnets.
  31. the urbanist: bangkok
    One Night in Bangkok? This Is How You Should Spend ItForget Soi Cowboy. Restaurateur Jason Lang crafts an after-dark agenda with gooey tiki drinks, live funk bands, and fiery Thai liquor.
  32. the urbanist: san francisco
    Where the Locals Would Stay in San Francisco If They Weren’t LocalThe city is home to the world’s most expensive hotel rooms. But there is hope for budget(-ish) travelers.
  33. the urbanist: barcelona
    Go Deeper: What to Read, Watch, and Follow Before Visiting BarcelonaOur list of essentials includes a Colm Tóibín book, a podcast about entrepreneurs, and Javier Bardem.
  34. the urbanist: london
    All the Galleries, Theaters, and Art Hubs You Should Know in South LondonHand-picked by Zoe Whitley, curator of contemporary international art at Tate Modern.
  35. the urbanist: bangkok
    Handmade Lutes, Herbal Inhalers, and Other Souvenirs You Should Buy in BangkokPut down the snake whiskey. Step away from the elephant pants. Our sources have better ideas for what to bring home.
  36. the urbanist: san francisco
    Week Two: San Francisco Is the Most Dynamic City in America Right NowThe tech boom forever shifted the landscape, but old, radical San Francisco isn’t going down without a fight. Travelers can experience both worlds.
  37. the urbanist: bangkok
    Week 1: Bangkok, the Most Underrated City in Southeast AsiaTo give it a fair shake, you need at least five days — long enough that you won’t spend your whole trip sitting in traffic.
  38. the urbanist: london
    The Fashion Insider’s Cheat Sheet to Shopping in LondonWhere to begin in the city that produced names as renowned as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, while home to Savile Row.
  39. the urbanist: cape town
    Your Perfect Saturday Night — or Thursday — in Cape TownEat in a parking lot, take a full-moon hike, and throw back cocktails with major views of Table Mountain.
  40. the urbanist: beijing
    Say No to Beijing’s Superclubs and Yes to Its Underground NightlifeDJs from Lantern, Aurora, and Dada make the case for the city’s smaller, hipper venues.
  41. the urbanist: oaxaca
    The Urbanist’s Guide to OaxacaZapotec rap, blue-corn tetelas, petrified waterfalls.
  42. the urbanist: honolulu
    Honolulu’s Best Beaches for Surfing, Snorkeling, and SunrisesThe hit list includes Diamond Head, Lanikai, Makapu’u, and of course Waikiki.
  43. the urbanist: bangkok
    Where to Rummage for Vintage in BangkokThree throwback obsessives share their lists of go-to scouting spots for military jackets, embroidered caftans, rare vinyl, and taxidermied ostriches.
  44. the urbanist: cape town
    Where the Locals Would Stay in Cape Town If They Weren’t LocalWhat constitutes a “budget” hotel room in the Mother City is often much nicer than it needs to be.
  45. the urbanist: bangkok
    Go Deeper: What to Read, Watch, and Download Before Visiting BangkokOur list of essentials includes a breakout short story collection, a street food doc, and a hand-painted city map.
  46. the urbanist: honolulu
    Mai Tais, Lava Flows, and Japanese Whisky: Where to Drink in HonoluluThe bar scene on Oahu is as diverse as the island itself, slinging polished cocktails and craft beers alongside neo-tiki concoctions.
  47. the urbanist: cape town
    What Travelers Should Know About Cape Town’s Water CrisisThe city is battling an unprecedented drought, but don’t cancel your vacation plans — just be more conscientious.
  48. the urbanist
    Introducing the UrbanistA new pop-up travel blog from New York Media, covering ten remarkable cities in ten action-packed weeks.
  49. the urbanist: honolulu
    The Insider’s Guide to Honolulu’s ChinatownHonolulu native Laurien “Lala” Nuss highlights the wet markets, galleries, restaurants, and performance spaces that make the area special.
  50. the urbanist: honolulu
    Poi Donuts and Other ‘Broke Da Mouth’ Desserts in HonoluluWe hope you packed your stretchy pants, because this city is delicious.
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