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Minni's Shabu Shabu & BBQ

136-17 38th Ave., Queens, NY, 11354
nr. Main St.

Avg. Rating

Food: 7
Service: 4
Décor: 4
"Mixed Reviews"

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50% would go back.

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As a warning, "Profile" Review above seems unreliable.

By NY_MAG_READER on 7/21/2010

  • Overall Rating: 6
  • Food: 8
  • Service: 2
  • Décor: 5
  • Yes, I would go back!

Several red flags in the Profile above suggest that the reviewer may not be very familiar with hot pot cuisine, and that his review therefore should probably not be too seriously considered in deciding whether to try this restaurant. Minni's has its good and bad qualities, certainly, but the points Holcomb discusses seem largely irrelevant (at least based on the experiences of someone who was raised by Chinese immigrant parents eating hotpot regularly), just for any potential readers' reference in the future. To clarify, the point of hotpot is generally not to make a "stew" or "soup" out of the ingredients, but to cook the meats/vegetables in the pot, and then eat them with an accompanying sauce of your creation. The water is meant only for boiling (some people do drink it at the end of the meal after the ingredients have lent it more flavor, but this is not a common practice). And certainly, the sauces are not meant to be put into the pot! That said, it is obvious that meats, prepared the way this reviewer appears to have prepared them, are "bland." On another note, pork and shrimp (the reviewer's recommended dish) are not staple meats in hot pot -- rather, beef/lamb/fish are much more commonly eaten in this style (which, if properly prepared, should not be bland at all). That said, Minni's is among my favorite hotpot restaurants, because of its uniquely large variety of dishes, sauce ingredients, and price value. Service, however, does leave much to be desired.

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avoid this place!

By taemisin on 1/5/2010

  • Overall Rating: 5
  • Food: 6
  • Service: 3
  • Décor: 4
  • No, I would not go back!

I went there twice in my whole entire life. I didn't like it there the first time. I went there several years later to give it a second chance. I regret doing that. The waitresses are mean. I asked for some extra napkins, she threw them toward me. I wanted to have some rice at the end later to make some porridge in my pot and this waitress wouldn't stop fussing about how I'm going to burn the pot down! I normally do this all the time when I go to PHO32 Shabu Shabu so I know exactly what I'm doing. She literally stood by me controlling the heat. I was very annoyed. P.S. when they took my order down, they were very impatient with us.

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Where I go when I'm in New York

By Iroppoi_Kyuupitto on 3/25/2009

  • Overall Rating: 9
  • Food: 9
  • Service: 9
  • Décor: 5
  • Yes, I would go back!

I lived in NY all my life until 3 years ago when I moved (job reason) out of state. Minni's Shabu Shabu is something you either like or dislike. I found it to be an acquired taste. The other writer described the meat as bland but I think it's perfect. I'm not Asian so when I first tried hotpot, I was a bit wary since the food looked unappealing; but once placed in the boiling water, I found it to be delicious. It's a great inexpensive place to go with a few friends. I go back to NY twice a year to visit friends and we always make it a point to go to Minni's. The decor isn't great but I'm there for the food not the decor.

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Credit card payers beware, they cheat on the tips

By Billy_ny on 6/28/2008

  • Overall Rating: 4
  • Food: 6
  • Service: 1
  • Décor: 1
  • No, I would not go back!

I went there with my wife for dinner, and had tipped 15% for the service. And when I checked my credit statement later, I found that they had changed the tip to 20%. Even though the differnce wasn't that much, but it is not about the money. This is very very bad. I will not go to this restaurant any more

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87 out of 182 people found this review helpful.

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