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88 Tenth Ave., New York, NY, 10011
nr. 16th St.

Avg. Rating

Food: 8
Service: 8
Décor: 8

Average Reader Rating on a Scale of 10.

64% would go back.

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By truurbanite on 6/1/2009

  • Overall Rating: 0
  • Food: (NA)
  • Service: (NA)
  • Décor: (NA)
  • No, I would not go back!

On a long weekend trip to NY with the wife our last dining stop was Morimoto. Undoubtedly the food was very fresh but we both found the food and service to be underwhelming overall. Nothing was awful about the food as much as it was just mundane. After experiencing sushi at places like SEI in Washington, DC one tends to look for sushi to go beyond the typical format and deliver something a little more creative. While my wife’s sea bass was light and tender it was bland more than anything. If you’re looking for an earth shattering dining experience this isn’t your place. Conversely, if your palate has limited exposure you’ll probably be wooed. The most stimulating part of our dining experience was the décor. Go for drinks if anything...........

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245 out of 476 people found this review helpful.

Sushi with a side of Milan

By Vittoria on 12/30/2009

  • Overall Rating: 10
  • Food: 10
  • Service: 10
  • Décor: 10

After strolling through Chelsea Market, my sister and I were craving sushi and decided to head over to the infamous Morimoto's for lunch. Upon arriving we stared in awe at the decor from outside, and after stepping through the glass doors were immediately seated by the hostess. I had heard that the service at Morimoto's was awful. However, much to my surprise our waiter Milan, a dashing Frenchman, was charming, funny, and very knowledgeable about the menu items. We ordered mixed green salads and a $35 platter of the chef's choice of 10 pieces of sushi and 6 pieces of sashimi. All was very fresh and delicious. On another note, the bathroom was extraordinary. Very futuristic and modern, particularly the part my sister dubbed the "turbo toilet."

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242 out of 495 people found this review helpful.

Great Experience

By norikogirl on 6/22/2010

  • Overall Rating: 8
  • Food: 9
  • Service: 6
  • Décor: 10
  • Yes, I would go back!

I was in town visiting and a friend, who lives across the street from Morimoto, she recommended we eat sushi for dinner. We are from Japan so, if anyone knows good fish, it's us. We were quite pleased with this restaurant. The atmosphere was chic however the service could have been more warm but we think this is part of the whole "manhattan" vibe trying to be cold but cool. This was a good experience, if you are from a state or country that does not have access to fresh fish, you will like this place.

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284 out of 538 people found this review helpful.

maybe not traditional but an amazing experience to a jaded Manhattanite

By maximilianmaurice on 4/21/2011

  • Overall Rating: 9
  • Food: 9
  • Service: 9
  • Décor: 9
  • Yes, I would go back!

but an amazing dinner experience to a jaded Manhattanite

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344 out of 661 people found this review helpful.

Disappointed, ripped off

By irenelo on 8/3/2011

  • Overall Rating: 6
  • Food: 4
  • Service: 9
  • Décor: 9
  • No, I would not go back!

I come here for good food - so let's not focus on the service and decor for now. We ordered the $120 omakase dinner for both of us. There were 5 appetizer courses and 1 main course, 1 dessert course. The sushi appetizer was disappointed - 6 types of sushi, none is outstanding, and ika was not fresh (chewy). Oyster fois was excellent thou. Main course - surf & turf, beef was overseasoned. Sweet potato fries was soggy. Lobster was ok, but doesnt match w/ the lemon foam. Dessert - tofu cheesecake with shortbread and red bean pastry puff on side - I think I can make a better one than that. Overall - this is a good meal, but good is not good enough for Morimoto and the price of $120. I have a "ripped off" feeling walking out the restaurant after dinner... I saw the tables around me ordering from the a la carte menu and those looks better - maybe i'll try the a la carte menu next time.

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396 out of 789 people found this review helpful.

Took 3 people for my Son's B'day this past Friday

By wmw322 on 7/30/2012

  • Overall Rating: 7
  • Food: 6
  • Service: 7
  • Décor: 8
  • Yes, I would go back!

Not one to suffer sticker shock, but I surely did when I was presented with the $878.78 (b4 tip) bill for 4 persons. Okay, we did have drinks & the tasting menu, but common, does excessive ring a bell? The food was just okay. I was not wowed by the presentation & sadly the flavors escaped me on the whole. Honestly, my man walked out feeling hungry, & well, you know that's never a good thing. They were very attentive & sensitive to one of my guests who had been to this location a few weeks back & were certain she had a different tasting menu experience, VERY, VERY NICE INDEED! I have visited this restaurant a few times before & truly enjoyed the vibe & food, not so much on this visit. I've never been impressed with the "who's my actual server" style of table service. I don't care for the bar being downstairs. There was no crowd at all & Mori was not in house. I missed that atmosphere a lot. Front desk reception was ice cold upon entry as was their total lack of acknowledging us as we left. When I spend money with you, it's nice to be bid a good evening, doncha think? I mean if you're gonna be in the hospitality biz & @ the front desk, don't look at your feet as if we are not right in front of you!For G*dsake be hospitable. Is that too much to ask? Going forward, based on this experience, NO MORE TASTING MENUS! Sorry to say, The food was not worth the price of admission.

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407 out of 1033 people found this review helpful.

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