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Mr. Chow Tribeca

121 Hudson St., New York, NY, 10013
nr. N. Moore St.

Avg. Rating

Food: 6
Service: 4
Dcor: 6
"Mixed Reviews"

Average Reader Rating on a Scale of 10.

43% would go back.

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Very very disappointed

By Natalia40 on 12/1/2012

  • Overall Rating: 4
  • Food: 5
  • Service: 1
  • Dcor: 5
  • No, I would not go back!

I would say for me it's the worst place!!! They ruined my Birthday. I made a reservation and when we came they told us 15 minutes then another 15 minutes. Then a couple of I minutes so when it was an hour wait and my guests got tired and getting really hungry we decided to leave so we asked how long more we should wait then the host just said I dont know. Even no appology or offering sorry drinks to my guests. They were definitely over over booked. But how impolite you have to be. People count on your service, they make reservations for some important occations and it's just like that after one hour I dont know how long it would take she said. Are you kidding me. I have been going to many good restaurants with a lot of people but never had the same problem!! I have been a client of Wavarly Inn for many years. Have been going to Catch, Soho House, Standard Grill. Never ever was disappointed, ignored and felt like nobody as I felt at Mr Chow TriBeCa.

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142 out of 297 people found this review helpful.

Why all the bad reviews? This place is great!

By robertoef on 10/8/2012

  • Overall Rating: 8
  • Food: 8
  • Service: 7
  • Dcor: 9
  • Yes, I would go back!

I do not understand where all these negative reviews stem from. I've been going to Mr Chow Tribeca regularly (because I live close by) and I have always enjoyed my time there. The atmosphere is opulent, classic and beautiful. The food is delicious and when you go in a group you can enjoy sharing various dishes and really exploring the menu. It definitely is not a cheap eat but given the ambiance and food I think it is a common Manhattan-priced restaurant.

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117 out of 220 people found this review helpful.

Mr Chow

By restaurantfairy on 10/30/2010

  • Overall Rating: 7
  • Food: 7
  • Service: 7
  • Dcor: 8
  • Yes, I would go back!

Enter Mr Chow, Tribeca and you are struck by the conspicuous, monochromatic interiors where walls are adorned with enormous black and whites of a much younger Mr. Chow. The interiors are dramatic and very cool. Everything about the place feels crisp from the gorgeous white orchid, lit table settings to the immaculately suited waiters who serve you flawlessly. When Mr Chow opened up in the United States in the late 70′s, his concept was brilliant. He blended eastern food with the western palate and made it very chic. The dishes at Mr. Chow’s are very placid. There’s nothing bold or radical on the menu. The food served here is very “easy” on the palate and really reminds me of Chinese food in Japan. Everything is flavorful and pleasant. The food itself is styled on “Beijing Cuisine” which influenced Chinese imperial and aristocratic cuisine. If you are looking for “authentic’ Chinese food then Chinatown is not too far away for one-tenth the price! However, I think that Mr. Chow’s is worth going to at least once – its just one of those New York places, that has to be experienced. For pictures and more food details click on this link:

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87 out of 188 people found this review helpful.

Mr. Chow's is HIdeously Bad

By LanceFriendlyail on 10/11/2009

  • Overall Rating: 2
  • Food: 1
  • Service: 1
  • Dcor: 7
  • No, I would not go back!

Mr. Chow's Tribeca is one of those restaurants that put me in a terrible mood for the rest of the evening. The entire experience is just endlessly awful. Make no mistake: this is a tourist trap, that cares about only one thing: taking your money. As much of it as possible. In exchange, they will sell you dish after dish of what I can only describe as jokes. Food that looks and tastes disgusting. I hated every, single second of this terrible experience and if I can prevent one person from going through it, I will be a happy man.

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130 out of 265 people found this review helpful.

Im a huge fan...

By rtraftery on 6/1/2008

  • Overall Rating: 9
  • Food: 10
  • Service: 8
  • Dcor: 9
  • Yes, I would go back!

I have eaten at Mr Chow's Beverly Hills location many times and only recently visited the Tribeca location and loved it just as much. The food is amazing. Some may say that Chinese food is Chinese food, but I greatly disagree. The service is always impeccable and I love the design on the restaurants. It is a FUN restaurant, too. Definitely expensive, so that is why I gave it a "6" in value, because you will definitely spend alot of money.

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126 out of 249 people found this review helpful.

What's with the hype Mr. Chow?

By wattamelon on 3/12/2008

  • Overall Rating: 3
  • Food: 3
  • Service: 4
  • Dcor: 1
  • No, I would not go back!

Decor was gaudy. Food was sub-par americanized chinese food. (Come on... can we get over the lettuce wrap trend already? I'm asian and I grew up eating that since I was young). Over -priced. I love food, and I appreciate the work and talent that go behind a great dish, but this restaurant is extremely over-priced for lackluster food. Celebrity-spotting and gaudy decor does NOT make a great restaurant.

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142 out of 282 people found this review helpful.

Terrible Service and hidden charges

By RestaurantReviewer on 10/14/2006

  • Overall Rating: 5
  • Food: 7
  • Service: 1
  • Dcor: 4
  • No, I would not go back!

I have given Mr. Chow three chances – the staff is very rude and sly. Why does a Chinese food restaurant have French waiters anyways? There is nothing classy about the service - major attitude. The first time I went for a drink with a friend and the waiter didn’t bother mentioning the $50 dollar minimum food order until after the drinks were prepared – despite the tables being empty he forced us to pay $100 even though both of us had other dinner plans. Another friend insisted we go for dinner so I gave them a second chance. While waiting for the table we ordered 2 glasses of house wine since they didn't have a wine list. They charged us $10 for one and $25 for the other–"house" wine is never $25/glass. When we asked the waiter if it was a mistake he rudely stated “we do not discuss prices” and walked off. Unbelievable. There are many other high-end restaurants with great food and service in NYC - if you’re looking for a good experience - keep walking one block and check out Nobu, Tribeca Grill or Megu.

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264 out of 605 people found this review helpful.

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