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Best Dining Experiences

Whether you're craving B.B.Q., brunch, late-night snacking, trendy spots or classic delis, these 25 restaurants will satisfy.

Best Bars & Clubs
Where to go salsa dancing, splurge on sake and sushi, smoke while you drink, and more nightlife destinations.


If You're On a Budget
Our favorite restaurants serving everything from panini on Wall Street to tamales in Park Slope to Über-fresh seviche in Queens, all for under $25.

  For a Classic New York Experience
  From classic delis (Katz's, 2nd Avenue Deli) to colonial landmarks (Fraunces Tavern, One If by Land Two If by Sea) to one-of-a-kind luxury (Tavern on the Green, The Four Seasons) and more.
  For the Hottest Restaurant Scenes
  Take our advice and call well in advance to snag a spot at one of these hip, haute, delicious and talked-about new restaurants.
  If You Want Outrageously Good Desserts
Satisfy that sweet tooth with butterscotch panna cotta, raspberry granité, apple cider doughnuts, and other decadent desserts.
  To Taste New York's Best Pizza
  The finest in the city, any way you slice it.
  If You're Dining with the Kids
  Family-friendly dining options, plus tips on how to take a bunch of kids to a top restaurant.
  To Try Extreme Dishes
Ducks’ tongues, corn smut, goats’ heads—some call these things disgusting. New York restaurants, increasingly, call them delicacies. Who's serving what?
  When You Want to Dine by a Fireplace
  Because the next best thing to cooking over an open flame is dining next to one.
  When You Want to Watch the Chef
  Nothing compares to the drama of a bustling open kitchen at a real restaurant. Here are our picks.
  If You're Touring Rockefeller Center
  Where to refuel after a long day of shopping, sightseeing or skating.
  Weekly Party List
A night-by-night rundown of local and guest DJ appearances; hip-hop, house, '80s, and banghra parties; celeb sightings and much more.
  What's New on the Scene?
Get the dirt on New York's clubs and pubs—from the latest openings to cocktail trends and gossip.
  Classic New York Bars
Relive the punk-rock scene (CBGB), opt for old-fashioned romance (Bemelmans Bar), catch a jazz act at a Harlem institution (Lenox Lounge)...

Rooftop Bars: Cocktails with a View
There's a lot happening in the city skies. We've scoped out the 13 coolest.

  The Best Karaoke
Indulge your jones for off-key renditions of "I Got You Babe" at these spots.
  The Best Dive Bars
Some bars haven’t kept pace with the times—thank God. Here’s where to go for some cheap, liquid relief after...
  The Best Gay Parties
From plain vanilla to enticingly spicy, a week’s worth of nights for all tastes.
  A Night in the Meatpacking District
Not so long ago, the trendiest thing worn in the Meatpacking District was a blood-stained apron. Now it's one of New York’s most fashionable neighborhoods.
  A Night in Williamsburg
The Brooklyn-bound L train will lead you to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a land where the buildings are shorter, the drinks are cheaper, the people are chiller, and the haircuts are cooler.