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While there's no shortage of yellow city cabs zipping in and out of traffic, it's also true that they never seem to be free when needed. Rush hour and rainy day competition for cabs gets especially fierce.

To hail a cab, wait on a corner and simply raise your arm. The maximum amount of passengers allowed in a cab by law is four, and no taxi is legally allowed to refuse service to anywhere in the five boroughs. In pratice, drivers may balk at outer borough destinations and some know New York better than others.

Fare Information
Initial charge:
Mileage: 40 cents per 1/5 mile
Waiting charge: 40 cents per minute
4pm–8pm Weekday Surcharge: $1

To JFK: There is no set fare to JFK from any point in New York City. The metered rate applies. However, there is a flat fare from JFK to Manhattan: $45 plus tolls.

To LaGuardia: There is no set fare for trips to and from LaGuardia International Airport. The regular metered rate applies.

To Newark: New York City to Newark International Airport is the regular metered rate, plus a $15 surcharge and all tolls going to and returning from the airport.

• Tipping: As with a restaurant, tipping a taxi driver 15 percent for service is standard, or 20 percent if the service is extremely good.

New York Taxi and Limousine Commission
Coverage Map (PDF)
Passenger Frequently Asked Questions
Passenger Bill of Rights

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