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Winter: December through February
Winter weather in New York can be erratic with milder days immediately following heavy snow storms or bouts of freezing rain. Temperatures often dip below freezing (especially in January and February) and heavy wind gusts can make 29 degree days feel sub-zero.
What to pack: a heavy coat, scarf, hat and gloves, plus sweaters and long-sleeve t-shirts for layering.

Spring: March through May
The winter chill gives way to temperatures averaging between 50 and 70 degrees. As the color returns to trees and March rains bring blossoms in Central Park, you can count on a few more sunny days and light humidity.
What to pack:
mostly long-sleeve shirts and slacks, plus sweaters and a light jacket for cooler nights.

Summer: June through August
July and August can bring stifling heat and heavy humidity, with the occasional nor’easter thunderstorm offering a break from the heat. Temperatures in the summer months average between 85 and 90 degrees but can reach over 100.
What to pack:
plenty of shorts, skirts and t-shirts, plus a light sweater or sweatshirt so you don’t freeze in air conditioning.

Fall: September through November
Temperatures in the fall fluctuate between 50 and 70 degrees and the sun shines on the majority of days. As winter nears, however, expect brisk winds and the occasional chilly day.
What to pack: long pants, a couple light sweaters and a light coat for chillier days and evenings.

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