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It Makes the World Go Round

From our vantage point four decades later, the late sixties were filled with hippies, protests, politics, and psychedelic rock and roll. Weddings—with flowers, veils, and bridesmaids marching down the traditional aisle—seemed so . . . counter to the counterculture. But, of course, people were still falling in love, getting engaged, and taking their vows back then as much as ever—just with bigger hair, goofier headgear, extensive moustaches, and way too much baby’s breath in their bouquets. Yes, there was political upheaval; yes, students were protesting at Columbia University. The 1968 wedding photos we’ve collected here reflect some of that turbulence; one nuptial has two bikers riding off into the sunset on a three-wheeler; another occurs at Columbia during a student protest. But no matter what was going on in the world, tying the knot was just as important then as it is now. As for why we chose 1968? It’s the year New York Magazine came into existence—so what better way to mark our own anniversary than to document the start of eleven other relationships?


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