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Lakeside Shindig in the Mountains

Ashley Dearborn & Robert Windsor Jr.

Camp Otterbrook, Adirondack State Park; Tupper Lake, N.Y.; August 18, 2007

We took pictures in the library—a room with tons of dead animal heads everywhere, which I loved as a child.

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Photographs by Cappy Hotchkiss

I changed into my wedding dress in the forest, with no mirrors, standing up on a picnic table! The dress code was all about comfort: Rob and his groomsmen were in flip-flops and Madras pants. My bridesmaids chose from different dress shapes and fabrics: a cheetah-print, and one with crocodiles crawling over lily pads.

We kept the décor organic; I wanted everything to seem right off the earth, very wood-nymph forest.

I arrived at the ceremony on a rickety-tickety barge with my parents, my eleven bridesmaids, and my dog, Chump. I started on an island in the middle of the lake and floated toward the dock where Rob and his nine groomsmen waited. I wish he’d had eleven because I’m a stickler for symmetry.

Some of our dinner favorites were the heirloom gazpacho to start (we love Mexican) and the kielbasa (Rob is Polish). For dessert, we had mini gelato cones, banana crème brûlées, and s’mores. Rob’s mom surprised us with canoe-shaped desserts.