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Surprise Multi-Venue Soirée

Anita Lee
& Mile Verovic

Saint Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University, Danube, and 632 on Hudson; September 29, 2007

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Photographs by Alison Mayfield for Christian Oth

After the ceremony, we went to Danube— which has Austrian- and German-inspired food, like spaetzle (an egg-noodle dish) and Wiener schnitzel—a nod to Mile’s heritage. We wanted a real dinner experience, with our guests ordering as if they were at a restaurant — off a menu of three appetizers, entrees, and wedding cake. We invited fewer people, but spent more money per person.

The croquembouche was by Payard. I was given this hammer-like instrument to hit it hard in order to crack it. Once you do, it tastes really good—they’re like doughy cream puffs you eat with your hands.

After dinner, we had Feast & Fêtes cater the party at 632 on Hudson with light hors d’oeuvre, desserts, and drinks.

We had two cakes. Brides are always focused on their gowns; I was like that with my cakes. (My sister bought my wedding dress for me.) The pastry chef at Danube made the white cake.

We had great weather, so we drove downtown with the top down and everyone was honking, shouting: “Congratulations!” It’s the same car used in Britain to transport the Queen; for some reason, at the company we got it from, it was the car that no one ever chose. It was so roomy—great if your gown is huge. Mile must have spent 1,600 hours looking for the right getaway car. He called every single antique dealer in the city.