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Erin Bried & Holly Bemiss

“We didn’t know what to wear, so we asked a stylist I work with; she said, ‘Black dresses, fabulous shoes, sparkly earrings.’”

“As it turns out, white dresses didn’t become popular until Queen Victoria. Before then, brides frequently wore black.”

“So in a way, we were dressed more traditionally than most.”

“For our favors, we decided to brew our own beer. We went to a place in New Jersey called The Brewer’s Apprentice and made a Summer Weiss. Holly made labels that echoed the design of our invites, and she named the beer Two Brides Brew.”

“The party started as soon as everyone arrived—we served cocktails before the ceremony. We wanted everyone to know that it was a celebration.”

“We kept it very loosey-goosey so people could circulate.”

“Our D.J. played funky fifties lounge music. We discovered him through a flyer at a bar in Park Slope. He plays a lot of burlesque shows; we had never been to one before, so we went to see him at the Slipper Room— and loved him.”

“We also had food stations—at one, we served 25 pounds of fish that Holly’s dad had caught in Lake Erie—and cocktail tables with no assigned seating.”

“Some guests took boat rides while hors d’oeuvre were served.”

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